Light Refraction

This category contains different lens and prism sets providing a number of options for lab experiments. For the clearer presentation of light behaviour some of them have frosted surfaces. To this end there is also a bunch of demonstration mirrors, special kits for the demonstration of light refraction and diffraction, spectral analysis kits, spectroscopes, and spectrometers allowing for a range of test conditions. Our light and optic science equipment provides visual assistance to students and teachers and helps easily understand and get in touch with the basic properties of light, such as transmission, reflection, absorption, diffraction, and refraction.

With the aid of these optic kits and supplies you’ll be able to create in-home rainbows, light beams, reflect, refract, and diffract light beams, and conduct many other optic experiments to illustrate and explain qualities of light, prove various problems on geometrical optics, appreciate and compare light transmission capacities of different materials, and get closer to the exploration of wave properties.
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