Wire Gauze

When heating lab glassware with a burner a wire gauze is used for supporting and protecting glassware in order to avoid direct heating with a flame and diffuse heat. It can withstand high temperatures as it is made of thin metal mesh screen often comprising a circle of ceramic fiber in the center for the improved temperature spread. The edges of the wire mesh are folded inside to prevent fraying and hence improving its lifespan. To distribute the heat under glassware a wire gauze is placed between a flame and a beaker or flask thus maintaining a flask or other glassware while heating.

To make better use of a wire gauze it should rather be applied to flat-bottomed glassware.

Wire gauze can be used along with the tripod laboratory stand or ring clamp.

Here you will find two types of wire gauze with a ceramic center and without it, that come in 4 inches, 5 inches, or 6 inches.

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