Rubber Stoppers

With our rubber stoppers for lab glassware you can be sure of the experimental integrity as they provide a tight fit thus avoiding any leakage, spills or evaporation of liquid chemicals and reagents.

These stoppers are generally used in medical laboratories and testing facilities to seal bottles, test tubes, and other lab flasks and containers. Their tapered shape allows for neck openings varying in sizes, though there are rubber corks with a wide, rounded top. Theoretically, the cross section of the middle of the stopper and the opening should match.

For their manufacturing usually natural rubber is used since this material is durable, flexible and water-resistant. Those made of neoprene are used when additional resistance against some reagents and solvents is needed. Rubber stoppers remain resilient even after multiple autoclaving.

We offer a wide array of rubber stoppers that come in different sizes to fit any lab container and ensure sealing integrity. In this category you will find stoppers in three types: solid, one-hole, and two-hole for glass tubing to be inserted into the flask through the stopper.

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