Lab Tools

To run laboratory experiments you will need some lab tools and supplies for measuring mass, length, volume, and other quantities of substance, studying their characteristics, training anatomy and observing different kinds of specimens. This category includes both laboratory kits and individual tools required for conducting various experiments specific to a certain area of science. Here you will find plenty of laboratory equipment to do researches and perform science experiments on chemistry, physics and biology.

Our range of lab tools

There are different types of flasks to hold and mix different chemicals, reagents, and solutions, eyedroppers and pipettes applied when high accuracy of volume measurement is required, PH test paper, which is useful for measuring acidity or alkalinity level in different solutions. Here we also offer different protective clothing such as lab aprons and other itemsto provide safety while working on lab experiments.

With the use of Petri dishes students and researchers can culture bacterias or small mosses in a controlled laboratory environment. Besides there is a vast amount of dissecting tools and kits using which students will learn about the anatomical structure through dissecting plants and small animals.

Why choose lab tools in our store

It stands to reason that ultimate results of your experiments depend on the precision of measurements and the quality of your lab supplies, that’s why we aim at providing safe, reliable and durable laboratory tools designed to withstand unfavorable operating conditions.

These lab tools will help teachers to make students learn, validate, and apply theoretical principles, and further develop their own concepts and ideas.

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