Find a wide array of glass and plastic laboratory burettes for volumetric analyses in science experiments and research applications.

Definition and lab applications of a burette

A burette has the form of a long graduated tube with a valve at the bottom. This valve is referred to as a stopcock used to deliver accurate dispensing of a controlled volume of a liquid at the required rate. Usually made of glass or plastic PTFE stopcocks are properly mated to the tube to avoid leakage of solvents and chemicals.

All the burettes feature durable and easy to read colored volume markings starting from the top down to determine the volume dispensed as a liquid is delivered from the bottom of the vertically positioned burette.

Specification for lab burettes

Burettes commonly come with the volume capacity of up to 50 ml except specialized burettes accommodating larger or smaller amounts of liquid. Depending on the construction and measurement precision of laboratory glass graduated burettes they are divided into A and B classes for high volumetric accuracy and general usage correspondingly. Due to their accuracy burettes are frequently used for titration to determine the completeness of reaction.

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