In this category we have selected lab bottles for mixing, storing and other general laboratory use. We offer an extensive line of glass and plastic laboratory bottles and jars of the highest quality that are suitable for diverse applications from wash bottles for holding detergents and washing labware to amber bottles with droppers for dispensing certain small amounts of liquids.

About our range of laboratory bottles

Our laboratory bottles are available in multiple sizes, materials and styles designed to meet the requirements of different scientific applications. For example, square bottles are practical in the way of storing and holding while borosilicate glass is characterized by high level of heat and chemical resistance to particular reagents and solvents and soda-lime glass bottles are suitable for storing aggressive chemicals or solvents.

In our store you can buy lab bottles and jars in convenient packs or separately including square and round flint bottles with droppers, wide mouth reagent bottles and jars with caps, dropping bottles with ground glass joint and pipette, weighing tall-form bottles, uncalibrated specific gravity bottles with ground glass stoppers, and cobalt blue bottles with dropper assembly.

Choose from amber bottles for light-sensitive samples, clear glass bottles for better visibility, or plastic coated glass bottles preventing reagents and chemicals from spillage. Lab bottles come often bundled with droppers, caps, or stoppers, used for the contents to remain inside and be protected against influences from outside.

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