Scale Cylinder

What is a graduated cylinder

In fact it is a grounded cylinder shaped reservoir topped by the flared rim and the spout for easy pouring with scale marking on the body meant for accurate measuring. Some cylinders offer the double metric scale allowing to read either the filling or pouring volume.

Graduated cylinders come in different sizes and materials, that are usually glass and polypropylene or polystyrene. Glass provides acid resistance while plastic graduated cylinders show extended durability, heat and chemical resistance.

Types of graduated cylinders

Among glass cylinders you can differentiate between two classes:

  1. Class A is distinctive for the double accuracy as opposed to class B. These cylinders are marked with the letter ‘A’ referring them to the highest accuracy glassware. Plastic labware is not eligible for class A.

  2. Class B cylinders are of general purpose though their volumetric accuracy is only up to twice the accuracy of class A. These are identified by a letter ‘B’.

Choose from our selection of graduated cylinders and various educational measuring cylinder sets offering different capacities and scale divisions easy for reading.

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