Magnifiers & Microscopes

Raise scientific questions about incomprehensible for unaided eye objects and discover fascinating world of everyday things around us for your students with our magnifiers and microscopes.

Within this category you can find various optic options rendering detailed images for inspection, observation and measurement, including electronic and light microscope sets, magnifying labs, handle magnifiers, and also different telescope sets. Depending on the power of magnification and working space you can choose between magnifiers and microscopes. The latter allow for higher magnification at a shorter focal length hence providing more space for working projects.

All the optical instruments are aligned with the standards and can be the perfect solution as for elementary and advanced use. Our lab equipment is a great choicefor teachers to aid students in carrying out science experiments, performing tasks and learning basics of optics, discovering cellular structures and their functions.

Many our products come with supplementary visual resources providing information about the use of lenses and their combinations, different objects under observation and many supporting materials on observed specimen collections.
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