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How to Choose a Type of a Map

   Before buying a map, you should decide what you want to teach or learn. The choice depends on the theme of a class, your wish or interest. In fact, this may also influence the decision of picking a globe. Remember that map symbols, details, pictures are essential characteristics of geographic materials. So, you should pay attention to these features while buying the item. As there are many types of globes and maps, see our explanation so that you wouldn't get confused.

  • A physical map shows geographical features like mountains, rivers, glaciers, oceans, valleys, etc. In other words, the physical map focuses on landforms and ecosystems. The purpose of this map type is to show the surface relief, soil type, and infrastructure.

  • A political map demonstrates boundaries of countries, counties, and states. Each country has its unique color or color hue. Hence you'll easily distinguish one territory from another. The purpose of the political map is to focus on territorial borders.

  • A topographic map marks the detailed graphics presentation of surface features. Such features are roads, rivers, railway lines, buildings, land use. Moreover, this map displays administrative boundaries, reserves, and international borders. You can use the topographic map when going hiking, camping, hunting or you want to study the terrain.

  • A thematic map displays a particular theme regarding a specific geographic area. For instance, this map focuses on social, cultural, economic or other aspects of a country, city or region. Thematic maps present specific data that you can analyze and use in scientific research.

What Maps and Globes Do We Offer

   In our store, you'll find the range of maps and globes for every need. We've got plenty items for the home or school use. Browse our assortment of globes showing continents and oceans, countries, and other geography features. We offer wildlife, world, political globes in different styles and designs. Besides, you may like led illuminated globes, talking globes for kids, and special kits to make a globe. Our items not only help to learn geography but also make the process fun.

   Among all maps, you'll find physical, political and world ones. Moreover, there are specific maps like satellite, raised relief, and country. We've also got various items for kids that include games and activities for memorizing countries, continents, and so on. We offer a large selection of puzzle game maps, drawing maps of the world, US and other countries.

   At school during the geography class, you may need detailed and complete world maps and atlases. You may choose geographical or travel world maps which represent countries, landforms, relief, climate, and water bodies. On our website, you can find also ancient and old historical world maps. Items are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. We have small poster atlases as well as large wall world maps. Browse our wide assortment of globes and maps at Teacher Supply Source.

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