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Fossils Science Kits

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See details A Closer Lok At The Earth Kit
SKU: AEP-2904

Take a closer look at the design of the Earth by comparing weight, mass, and density of intrusive igneous rocks (peridotite, gabbro, and granite) and how they demonstrate continental drift of Earth's plates. Kit includes 1...

List Price :US$ 24.95
Our Price : US$ 12.58 , save 50%

Expected availability: 26-Jun-2018
Sorry we don't take pre-orders.

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See details American Education Explore With Me Geology Oceanic Fossil Assortment
SKU: AEP-2968

This Oceanic Fossil Collection includes different species of shark teeth, fish vertebra, stingray mouth plates, and other marine fossils. A brief description of three marine fossil types included. Discovered in the Phospha...

List Price :US$ 4.95
Our Price : US$ 4.50 , save 9%

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See details Beginner's Fossil Identification Kit
SKU: AEP-3004

This interactive computer program instructs students how to identify basic invertebrate fossils (coral, bryozoa, cephalopod, gastropod, brachiopod, arthropod and others). Teaching material is centered on a unique dichotomo...

List Price :US$ 30.00
Our Price : US$ 24.32 , save 19%

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See details Fossils Uncovering Clues/Past, Earth Science Videolab with DVD

Students explore the fascinating world of fossils with lab stations in fossil identification, constructing a geologic timeline, fossil environments, petrification, molds and casts, analyzing dinosaur footprint sand creatin...

List Price :US$ 199.95
Our Price : US$ 161.67 , save 19%

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See details Fossils: Uncovering Clues To The Past, DVD

This DVD uncovers the clues fossils reveal about Earth's last 600 million years of life from the simplest organisms that colonized the oceans to the complex mammals that exist today. Live-action footage, coupled with the l...

List Price :US$ 22.95
Our Price : US$ 20.28 , save 12%

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See details Mineral Chrysocolla: 10 Pieces
SKU: AEP-5665B

Chrysocolla, 10 Pk.

List Price :US$ 13.00
Our Price : US$ 11.63 , save 11%

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See details Scott Resources & Hubbard Scientific Advanced Fossil Collection
SKU: AEP-3015-S

This comprehensive collection of 30 fossils contains demonstration specimens of animal phyla and plants from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic periods. The collection comes complete with a descriptive key sheet and geo...

List Price :US$ 42.95
Our Price : US$ 35.90 , save 16%

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See details Scott Resources & Hubbard Scientific Cenozoic Fossils Collection
SKU: AEP-3120-S

15 fossil specimens represent geologic time from the Paleocene to the Pleistocene. Some of these life forms date back 60 million years and are the forerunners of modern mammals.

List Price :US$ 29.95
Our Price : US$ 26.05 , save 13%

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See details Scott Resources & Hubbard Scientific Fossil Hunt Kit
SKU: AEP-3785

Explore and find the fossils hidden in the gravel mixture. Students will learn to identify different fossils after digging each out of the gravel mixture. This Fossil Hunt Kit contains 1 lb bag of gravel mixture with 12 re...

List Price :US$ 25.00
Our Price : US$ 22.05 , save 12%

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