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See details American Education Koontz The Boomerang Wheel
SKU: AEP-6-40030

Discover the secret to the wheel's motion with the Koontz™ Boomerang Wheel kit! Did you know that the wheel conserves energy by converting potential energy into motion? 15 pieces. Assembled size is 3.5" x 5.1". WARNING:...

List Price :US$ 11.95
Our Price : US$ 8.11 , save 32%

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See details American Education Koontz The Walking Tightrope
SKU: AEP-6-30020

Koontz ® innovative products are designed to excite children and delight parents. Products are made from durable, lightweight, recyclable cardboard. Each kit comes with simple step-by-step instructions and a fun activity ...

List Price :US$ 11.95
Our Price : US$ 4.50 , save 62%

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See details Ginsberg Balancing Bird
SKU: AEP-7-1320

This simple device demonstrates how gravity works. By perfectly distributing weight on the tips of the wings, and placing its mass near the tip of its beak, the equilibrium of the bird is stabilized. This allows the bird t...

List Price :US$ 2.95
Our Price : US$ 1.79 , save 39%

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See details Koontz The Bernoulli Principle
SKU: AEP-6-80040

Build a device that will allow you to explore Bernoulli's Principle. What will happen to the two balls when you blow air through the straw between them. Each device has 18 pieces, 2 foam balls, and 1 rope. Includes materia...

List Price :US$ 55.00
Our Price : US$ 42.66 , save 22%

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See details Koontz The Dynamometer
SKU: AEP-6-80020

Build your own Dynamometer and measure the force exerted by the Earth's gravity on objects around you. Calibrate your Dynamometer and explore how it works. Each Dynamometer has 5 pieces and 1 rubberband. Includes materials...

List Price :US$ 20.00
Our Price : US$ 16.11 , save 19%

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See details Koontz The Science of Staying Balanced
SKU: AEP-6-740124

Discover the secrets of walking the tightrope, and learn about the center of gravity and measuring weight!

List Price :US$ 14.95
Our Price : US$ 13.87 , save 7%

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See details Scott Resources & Hubbard Scientific Density Kit: Set of 10
SKU: AEP-3132

Various shapes are used to teach students how to make measurements in the Metric System and how to use the formula: Density = Mass/Volume. Students use the various materials to demonstrate densities. Includes one 3" x 1" x...

List Price :US$ 100.00
Our Price : US$ 82.85 , save 17%

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See details Scott Resources & Hubbard Scientific Simple Machines Kit
SKU: AEP-4004

Challenging experiments with levers, wheel and axle mechanisms, pulleys and an inclined plane, help to teach students the principles behind motion and leverage. Kit includes a teacher's guide with 19 activities.

List Price :US$ 199.95
Our Price : US$ 161.67 , save 19%

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See details Scott Resources & Hubbard Scientific Wheel Mechanisms Kit
SKU: AEP-3982

This kit will explore some different possibilities for creating simple pulley, gear, wheel and axle mechanisms and how to increase the efficiency of forces when applied to do work. Materials for 12 activities and 18 page t...

List Price :US$ 145.00
Our Price : US$ 110.94 , save 23%

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