Koplow Games Inc.

Koplow Games Inc.

Koplow Games ""The Nice Dice Company"" Is A Full Line Supplier Of Dice And Game Accessories. We Offer Over 1200 Different Standard And Polyhedral Dice, As Well As, Pawns, Timers, Sorting Chips, Dice Bags, Dice Cups And Dice Jewelry.

Our Novelty Line Includes Loaded Dice, Round Dice, Mini Dice, Sweetheart Dice, Wood Dice, Crooked Dice, Dice Bones, And More.

Our Educational Line Includes Math Operator Dice, Math Fraction Dice, Decimal Dice, Positive And Negative Numbered Dice, Place Value Dice, Blank Dice And Dice Numbered To 100.

Our Language Line Includes Alphabet Dice And Vowel Dice As Well As An Extensive Line Of Math Manipulative Dice That Are Verbalized In Several Different Languages.

We Also Provide Souvenir Dice Games, (The Train Game And Carousel Game) And An Assortment Of Over 50 Different Family And Gambling Dice Games. We Also Make Custom Dice To Fit Your Many Needs.
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