Stride is a brand that offers a wide range of office and school supplies to meet your needs. One of their popular products is the Stride Primo Triangle Crayons, available in both a 30-pack and a 12-pack. These crayons offer a unique triangular shape, making them comfortable to hold and preventing them from rolling off the table.

Another great product from Stride is the Quickfit D-Ring View Binder, which comes in a 3" capacity and is designed to fit 11 X 8.5 size papers. This binder features a D-ring mechanism, providing easy access to your documents and allowing them to lay flat when open. It is available in a sleek black color.

For those who work with spreadsheets or landscape-oriented documents, Stride offers the Quickfit Landscape Spreadsheet Round Ring View Binder. This binder has a 1.5" capacity and is specially designed to hold 11 X 8.5 size papers in a landscape orientation. Its round rings ensure smooth page turning and easy access to your documents.

Stride also caters to those with larger documents, such as ledger-sized papers. The Quickfit Ledger D-Ring View Binder is perfect for holding 11 X 17 size papers. With its 1.5" capacity, it provides ample space for your important documents.

In addition to binders and crayons, Stride offers writing instruments such as gel pens and highlighters. The Striderio Gel Pen is a retractable pen with a medium 0.7mm tip size, available in both blue and black ink options. It features a translucent barrel which allows you to easily monitor the ink level. The Stridebrite Tank Highlighter is another popular product, offering assorted ink colors and a chisel tip for highlighting important information.

Lastly, Stride offers the Stridemark Tank Permanent Marker, which has a broad chisel tip and is available in a vibrant red color. This marker is perfect for labeling and marking items that require long-lasting and bold lines.

With its wide range of products, Stride is dedicated to providing high-quality office and school supplies that help you stay organized and productive. Whether you need binders, crayons, or writing instruments, Stride has got you covered.
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